Morning Diary


Top 3 Things: coming to my mind

  • the beginning of the voice diary
  • the inspiration from a book named <>
  • how I am gonna structure my podcast as well as my growing blog

Something New: about morning diary writing

  • it’s a reflection of what happened yesterday
  • it’s written in the morning and usually it won’t take long
  • my own enhancement with innovation: to combine voice recording together with text typing

Growth from Myself

  • from old idea to new things
  • how can I do it? Migrating the random post widget from my thinking website to my interesting website; and also create a new category of posts pointing to each page of interesting functionality.

Growth inside Family

  • parenting observation

    • physical energy is growing a lot recently
    • love to try and have a strong focus of the new things
  • parenting skill

    • switch child's attention with things he is interested about

  1. Recommend to open in pc browser with vpn ↩︎

Action Now