Action Now


First 3 Things: I did this morning

  • a cup of hot Japanese tea plus cookie to feed myself
  • from the quote of the day to author introduction
  • initiated the action now function to establish new habits

Something New: action now

  • “action now” is an event calendar added to my action sites
  • plan to use it as a micro-habit tool for myself to establish actionable habits
  • plugin “EventOn” is used to provide this support

Growth from Myself: courage

  • tried the ice-skating yesterday with more courage
  • found it was helpful to have a skating trainer + tool for me to hold on
  • skated better after 45m practice

Growth inside Family

  • child felt much happier to enjoy speedy skating, when the trainer started to lead him skate
  • child enjoyed playing with the rest of 2 kids under table during lunch
  • child played independently when background music is on

Trying Out Vlog Recording

Morning Diary